Pre- release interview of Aditti Gaur

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I have never done pre- release interviews and this is the first one.. I have invited Aditti Gaur whose book Adhira is going to hit the stores soon. Lets start with the interview :


Sur : As we know your book is going to hit the market, so tell us how you are feeling about it?

Aditti: I am as nervous as I was last time. I can’t wait to hear or read the first review about Adhira.

Sur: You recently released the cover of the book, we would love to hear your heartfelt emotions?

Aditti: It was an amazing experience to have someone inspirational like Santosh Ma’am by your side to reveal the first look of Adhira. My heartfelt gratitude to her for gracing that event with her presence.


Sur: Adhira is re released, so are we getting something new or its just the new cover?

Aditti:Surbhi, this time we worked on everything, story – characterizations – loopholes & grammar mistakes. We tried hard to correct every possible mistakes by keeping our reviewers point in mind. So, this time people will get a whole new experience of Adhira.

Sur: What all troubles you went through while finalising the cover of the book?

Aditti :I faced a lot of criticism for the previous book cover of Adhira. Though, it was attractive but it didn’t connect with the story. Even few people told me that it looked like an erotic novel cover. So, this time I was clear about what I want to show through my cover. We tried many designers, all of them were brilliant in their field, they designed the perfect covers but somehow they didn’t attract me.Then finally I called up to Ajitabha Sir and describe him the whole concept I had in my mind. He took 2 days and the result is infront of you. Nothing can be better than this cover for Adhira.

Sur: As now we can see, the book is published under Author Paradise, tell us about them?How their paths matched yours?

Aditti :Tushti is the person who took my first ever interview when I stepped in this field.Since then we shared a good bonding. After the debacle of my debut novel, whom now I pronounced as 1st edition of Adhira, I was heartbroken and decided to quit.One fine day she called me and I shared my agony with her, she motivated me and instantly came up with the idea of re-publishing Adhira. She convinced me to take a second chance because she found Adhira’s story interesting.They both, Tushti & Sandeep, stood by my side and supported me every time. This is how our journey started.

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About the Author


An Indian by nationality and a Hindu by religion. Aditti Gaur was born in New Delhi, but her complete upbringing was done in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. Years later, she moved to Gurgaon in 2011, post her marriage. She worked for the leading DTH Company for almost 5 to 6 years. She holds a respectable past experience working there, but, she quit that 9 to 6 profile job, because somewhere deep inside her heart she knew that job is not meant for her. When she completely realized this fact she silently surrendered herself to her passion – writing. She started her writing experience through her blog. She used to write her thoughts, views about everything and short stories. A die-heart music lover and almost crazy for her favorite musicians, she also loves reading. She takes a step ahead in pursuing her passion by writing her debut book ‘Adhira…Love: Lost & Found’. By this, she tried to explain the life of a girl. It is a story about a girl and her life journey of struggles, achievements, responsibilities, passion & love of her life. The journey, where, she realized that sometimes… silence is the most powerful scream and indication of something being terribly wrong. A journey, where she loses her love somewhere and then finds it again.

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